Security & Safety

Security & Safety

Prague is a world metropolis and LGBT people can feel safe in its streets. Holding hands or kissing in public don’t attract attention and on the Pride Parade day you can put on your rainbow costumes already at your hotel. We are talking of course of the city center, where tourists normally go. The police closely cooperate with the Prague Pride and you can approach any of the officers for help.

Safety at the parade

• Take a bottle of water with you. It takes a while for the parade to get moving, and the march itself takes one to two hours. It’s good to have some headwear. Don’t forget, it can be a really, really hot week!

• When choosing the right shoes, remember that the route is 4 km long and includes climbing. You will walk on cobble stones, asphalt and dirt.

• Leave alcohol and drugs at home, you won’t need them to stroll in the beautiful center of Prague. You can count on cold beer, ice cream and many more goodies waiting for you at Letná.

We do not expect any incidents. However there is a 24 hour crisis and emergency service available for you in English. Call Gail Whitmore at +420 775 248 363 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you experience and/or witness homophobia or transphobia you can anonymously document your story here: https://czech.ihollaback.org/

• Even though nowadays some claim the right to carry guns should be written in the Constitution, do not wear a gun at the parade. Not even for self-defense. You won’t need it. Any gun, including tear gas, can turn against yourself.

• Inappropriate facial masks can lead to security-motivated police checks. People in carnival attire and masks must make their identity known beforehand to the parade leaders.

• When choosing clothes for the day, keep in mind that little kids will be in the crowd next to you. We will be happy if you refrain from wearing sexually provocative costumes.

• Do not litter, and especially don’t drop glass bottles on the ground. You can hurt those walking behind you.

• Try to keep the parade compact. This way we will block the traffic for the shortest time possible. When the parade stops, it stops to shorten the intervals in the crowd and continue like a compact body.

• There will be police and paramedical staff in the parade. They will stay on at Letná, where the fire fighters will join them.

• Try not to stop on the Letná stairs. At that point you might be understandably tired, but stopping on those stairs can lead to unpleasant jams. Be brave and move on to Letná. The music stages, food stalls and drinks, the shade of the trees and a nice chill out will be all waiting for you.

• In case you come across anti-Prague Pride protesters, don’t react to them and don’t let them provoke you. We are a love parade, leave hatred to someone else.

• If you witness any incident, first of all don’t panic. Immediately inform our security team (the people in orange vests) or the police (uniformed).

• The parade is a public gathering. The organizers cannot select the participants. Similarly, the musical afternoon at Letná is open to everyone, without entrance fees. This is the difference between us and commercial festivals, where access to the festival zone is reserved to ticket holders.

• When you leave the Pride Park, avoid the Letna Park route. There have been incidents there in the past with groups of extremists. From Letna please leave via tram stops Sparta or Letenské náměstí or call a taxi.











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