What is the spirit of Prague Pride

What is the spirit of Prague Pride

We watched the situation around Covid-19 closely throughout the spring, and with each deterioration, our anxiety grew. The question of what will happen to Prague Pride, celebrating its tenth birthday this year, was actual week after week. Like the organizers of festivals and other events, we did not know the answer to it. But we were clear about one thing - we want to organize Prague Pride this year so that all participants can enjoy it just like in previous years. We will not postpone Prague Pride to the next year, as many foreign countries have done, because we believe in a certain irreplaceability of this event in the Czech and Central European society.

In order to deliver our promise, it was necessary to devise a whole new structure of action. (You can read more about the organization of Prague Pride 2020 here: url odkaz) It became clear that the traditional parade through Prague, the highlight of the annual rainbow program, will not be realized this year due to strict hygiene rules. We were forced to think about the true spirit of Prague Pride. Is the rainbow parade really the main thing the event has to offer? Isn't the point of our annual meeting somewhere else? What does Prague Pride mean for each of us?

There is no doubt that the rainbow parade is the main symbol of the Prague Pride event. All media news show footage from the parade while talking about the whole event. In the perception of the general public, the parade itself can really be perceived as the only purpose of the Prague Pride. For us, and we believe you feel it the same way, the annual community meeting under the rainbow flag of Prague Pride is much more than a Saturday parade. Prague Pride is also an educational and entertainment program in the Village, the involvement of the LGBT + community across generations thanks to Život 90, as well as parties and celebrations on Střelecký ostrov and in various parts of Prague, and especially the awareness of absolute freedom and openness to each other. A lot of coming-outs are directly conditioned by the annual meeting with people who are not afraid to show what they are like and live the way they are happy. Prague Pride inspires those who do not have enough courage to show their true selves and hide from their surroundings. Every year, our program includes the "Coming out on trial" event, during which those who are interested can practice this often unpleasant life situation in a safe environment.

Prague Pride has a lot to offer even to those who have successfully came-out. Topics such as LGBT+ representation in the Czech and foreign literature are not foreign to us, we present expositions and artistic events of LGBT+ creators. We try to connect worlds, such as Drag Queen Story Hour, where the Divas of Czech Drag read fairy tales to the little ones. For us, Prague Pride is about building community, support, understanding, freedom and love. We will lose the rainbow parade this year, but it will not endanger the spirit of the whole event. The essence of Prague Pride is somewhere else. Discover it with us this year, personally or online. We look forward to you.


author: Zuzana Foktová