10 Outdoor events that you cannot miss

10 Outdoor events that you cannot miss

Are you also looking forward to the Pride week? Prague Pride prepared over a hundred events that will také place between the 3rd and 9th of August! Here are 10 outdoor events that you should definitely check out:

1. Rainbow geocashing
Have you ever tried geocashing? Hidden treasures that can be found with the help of GPS coordinates are once again part of our eclectic programme! All you need is to register yourself at geocashing.com and you can start hunting! Rainbow geocashing will go on for the whole Pride week.


2. Queer and Trans Youth Picnic
All LGBTQIA people from 13 to 21 years old are welcome at the Youth Picnic, which will také place in the Pride Village on the island Střelecký Ostrov. If you missed human contact during the quarantine, this is an ideal opportunity to catch up. Blankets will be available! 

On Wednesday from three o‘clock at the Pride Village


3. Sporty afternoon in the Pride Village
The gym is for selfies, Střelecký Ostrov is for sports! At least on Wednesday. Badminton and volleyball with the gay sports club Alcedo Praha will be waiting for you. The guys from Alceda organize regular volleyball training as well as sports tournaments – the most notorious one being Prague Rainbow Spring. 

At six o‘clock, a lesson of hatha yoga will begin. Its focus will be on the center of the body (core yoga) uplifting vibes are guaranteed! Your level is not of any importance, the teacher Kateřina Langová will adapt the lesson to the group. The entrance fee is 80 Kč. Don‘t forget your own yoga mat.

Several sports accessories will be available for you to borrow and work on your summer body.

On Wednesday from three in the Pride Village


4. Bear Lazy Afternoon
Prague Bears are inviting you for a Wednesday chat over a beer with bears, cubs, and boys in general. Recommended dresscode: a bear T-shirt (especially the Prague Bears T-shirt, available
here). Thanks to the unified appearance, the different participants and even visitors will be able to find the event easily.

The bear‘s den is located on this map. In case of bad weather, the meeting will také place in Café Bar Flirt, Martinská 5, Prague.

On Wednesday from four o‘clock in the Pride VillageVillage


5. Goals, points and dicks – LIVE!
This evening programme will consist of highlights from the show, bloopers from the shooting as well as some merciless roasting of chauvinist pigs. You can also look forward to a candid and perhaps deep conversation with the star of the show Tereza Dočkalová and her fellow creators and a live shooting of a new episode!

Some chairs will be ready for the audience in front of the stage. Come on time so that you have a chance to sit. The number of people in the Pride Village will be monitored so that all participants are kept safe from a coronavirus threat.

Wednesday from seven o‘clock in the Pride Village


6. Don‘t call me kotě – stand up comedy
Everybody says they‘re looking for someone clever, attractive and funny. This description fits us perfectly! It might sound a bit high and mighty, but don‘t worry. It doesn‘t work out for us all the time either. So, what to do with that? One can back down, or go all the way and turn your life into stand up comedy.

Are you curious to see how is that working for us? Come see for yourself at the Pride Village. There will also be an open mic, if you want to try it out, write to us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The show will feature Alena Doláková, Lukáš Venclík, Sabina Mladenová, Matouš Hartman, Míša Žemlová and Alexandra Macháčová. They will give their take on connection and cooperation, which is the theme of this year‘s Prague Pride.

On Thursday from seven o‘clock in the Pride Village.


7. Dancing in the Pride Village.
Friday night in the Pride Village has always been dedicated to modern dancing, and this year is no exception. The show will not take place under the bridge as you might be used to, but on several spots all across the island. Nobody but Faunus, our main performer, will know exactly where he will appear. The element of surprise and randomness is part of this dance.

On Friday between four and five o‘clock in the Pride VillagePride Village


8. Live Library Amnesty + Konsent
The Human Library is one of the most interesting activities of the educational branch of Amnesty International in Czech Republic. Instead of borrowing books, students can „borrow“ a person with an interesting life story that they normally wouldn‘t have a chance to meet and ask them about anything that they would like to know.

Live Books are „read“ in elementary and middle schools from 2013. Sometimes, Amnesty International also holds a Live Library session for the public. This year‘s edition is unique because of its topical collaboration with the organization Konsent, which deals with the prevention of sexual abuse. They have been trying to educate the public and debunk myths about this topic in a clever yet light fashion from 2016. Some Live books speak Czech, some speak English. Come „read“ for yourself!

On Friday from five o‘clock at the Pride Village.


9. Rainbow sailing
This year‘s Rainbow march was unfortunately canceled due to the coronavirus measures. You don‘t even know how sad we are about it. It was supposed to be a bombastic tenth jubilee, and yet we have no march! That‘s why we decided to approach the Saturday programme a bit differently: extroverts can replace the streets with boats on the Vltava. Those who prefer calm can lie down on blankets on the river bank and watch the rainbow boats from there. A rich online programme will also take place in the afternoon, allowing you to check out what‘s happening on the boats from the comfort of your home.

All sailors aboard for some Rainbow sailing! We will spend four hours on the deck full of music – from Dvořákovo nábřeží to Modřany and back.

Boats will be decorated in rainbow colors, a great atmosphere will be guaranteed by our favorite Djs and drag queens, who will stroll down the deck on dramatically high heels! You‘ll have the chance to sing along some classical queer songs and enjoy food and drinks on floating bars. Rainbow sailing is the best way to truly enjoy the spirit of this year‘s Pride. We will sail on newly reconstructed boats that meet all the environmental requirements and don‘t pollute our dear Vltava river unnecessarily. If it starts raining, we will simply put up the movable glass ceiling and continue enjoying the view and the atmosphere. Wi-fi will be available so that you can immediately share your moments on social media.

Tickets are for sale on Goout

We are taking off from Dvořákovo nábřeží at one o‘clockone o‘clock


10. The Rainbow picnic in the Pride Village
The boats of the first-ever Rainbow sailing on the Vltava will have their way right next to the Střelecký Ostrov. You can come to the Pride Village, make yourself comfortable on a blanket or on the grass, and wave at the Prague Pride boats that will be sailing by. You will hear them from a distance and when they finally appear, you‘ll get to see all the beautiful drag queens and courageous sailors. In short, you‘ll be able to enjoy the true Pride atmosphere that has been made distant by the coronavirus. Try to capture one of the Pride boats in the background of your selfie – high Instagram potential!

Střelecký Ostrov is one of the best places to enjoy this Saturday in peace with a drink in your hand. Drop by at the Prague Pride info center to get official Pride merch and check out the stands of different non-profit organizations on the island. Blankets and drinks are available but bring your own food. You‘ll be able to select the music you want in our Jukebox

On Saturday from one o‘clock in the Pride Village

author: Lucie Klimešová