CANCELED Queens on the Run III: United in Pride

Event day: Fri 7.8.2020
2020-08-07 20:30
2020-08-08 02:00
Watch physically
Party, Dance
PM club, Trojická 1907/10, Praha 1
Organizer: Haus of Kova
Entry: 150 – 200 Kč


A full-length drag show, during which, for the first time in history, in addition to the best drag queens from the Czech Republic will also present several travesti artists. The program is so busy that it will be the longest Queens on the Run ever!

A unique evening consists of three parts:

First you will see popular local drag queens like Hayley the Strange, Dima Arrest, Gigi Stardust,Cassiopeia, Fatale Vanite and others.

Subsequently, Gizela Kova will present her hour-long show to the beat of Jennifer Lopez's most famous hits. With Gizela you can dance to hits like Ain’t Your Mama, Waiting for Tonight, On the Floor, Booty and next. In short, JLo extravaganza!

The program will end with other great performances of our drag queens, along with several favorites travesti artists - they will perform at Queens on the Run III for the very first time! You are surprised by this connection? After all, Pride unites us all and in this period of celebration we should mainly like each other.

Stars you will see:

Gizela Kova, Hayley the Strange, Dima Arrest, Julia Landis, Wendy Adkins, Gigi Stardust, Cassiopeia, Melanie Colmenaresova, Fatale Vanity and others.

The whole show will take an incredible 3.5 hours and it will be the longest Queens on the Run ever!

During the evening, DJ Whitecat, DJ Marty Blue and of course DJ Kova will play for you. You have never seen an evening so torn with drag talent in Prague, we promise you that!


The event is organized by Haus of Kova – a group of friends performing together at events. Haus is not official organization, but such a second, loving family. It includes Gizela Kova, Dima Arrest and Cassiopeia.