Prague Pride Festival Opening

Event day: Mon 3.8.2020
2020-08-03 18:00
2020-08-03 22:00
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Community event
Pride Village, Střelecký ostrov, Praha 1
Organizer: Prague Pride
Entry: FREE

We are glad that the coronavirus crisis has passed so much that we have not had to give up the traditional onset festival on Střelecký Island! However, this year's event will be held in a intimate spirit. We respect measures against the spread of COVID-19 and, in addition, it is appropriate to symbolically return to the jubilee 10th year activist roots of the LGBT + movement. We didn't invite world stars to the opening of Prague Pride, but Czech names that have something to say. This year's line up is our contribution to the wave of resistance to oppression minorities, which is currently moving the world.

One year after the round anniversary of the Stonewall riots, we are turning our eyes again to what is happening in the United States American. With systemic racism against people other than white skin and homo / transphobia, v Today we are also struggling in the Czech Republic. We want to say together NO to racism and hate speech against any minorities in a climate in which feminism, equality and sensitive and kind approach to others. In the music program, therefore, we emphasize diversity performers:



You can know the DJ duo Urxins mainly from the legendary opening of the Prague Mezipater. It's in their sets You cn recognise the oriental touches and tribal rhythms that imaginatively mix with pop and the tracks that come to any party you will not sit down.



Singer and rapper from Prague with roots in the Caribbean. A distinctive, energetic and wild artist performed in Israel, the USA, Germany and the Netherlands. In 2018, she won an export competition with her EP #Sunbeam Czeching Radio Wave. A year later, the Metronom festival called it the most progressive act in the Czech Republic scene. Her style carries elements of harsh London grime, RnB, neo-soul, trap, but also pop music. In my music deals with interpersonal relationships, politics and self-confidence.


Lače Manuša

Tibor Žida, an acclaimed jazz guitarist, composer, singer and pedagogue who performed in the band, and actress and singer Pavlína Matiová, who, among other things, sang the song Čhaje šukarije last year on Grammy winner children's album Oran Etkin. These are the central members of Lace Manusha, who together they created a repertoire balancing in various genres from more traditional Romani music through swing to by RnB.

Throughout the evening, you can contribute to non-profit organizations UNICORN RIOTS and ARA ART that help minorities not only in The Czech Republic, but also the United States of America. You can find more information, including QR codes for sending a gift next to the stage.


The number of people in Pride Village will be controlled to ensure the safe stay of all participants nothing without the threat of coronavirus transmission.


The event can take place thanks to the support of Prague 1