Who cares? Forum Theatre Event

Event day: Sat 8.8.2020
2020-08-08 18:00
2020-08-08 20:00
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Divadlo Kampa, Nosticova 634/2a, Praha1-Malá Strana
Organizer: Rehearsal for Reality
Link: http://www.rehearsalforreality.org/
Entry: FREE
When the stress of lockdown strains a registered partnership to breaking point, a woman and a child are left in limbo. What could be different?  What would YOU do in their place?

This forum theatre event of Theatre of the Oppressed is a participatory space where you can share your ideas for social change. You don’t just passively watch the events on stage, but you can actively join in and change what you see. After watching a short play about Magda, who faces a family and a system stacked against her, the audience brainstorms strategies on how to alter the story for a different outcome.  What would have to change? What would you do differently? The story is then replayed, and you are invited to stop the action and take the stage yourself to try out your ideas. The actors and audience then discuss the proposed changes and collectively build new ones.

This event raises questions and sparks dialogue about the pitfalls of registered partnership, the effects of structural homophobia, and how the system fails LGBTQ+ families. It pushes Czech lawmakers to pass the same-sex marriage legislation with greater urgency.

The event is facilitated by Laura Mentz Strakova, a skilled facilitator and actor with years of experience in applied theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed.

Admission is free, kindly register for the event via this online form

The event is held by Rehearsal for Reality z.s., an organization collaborating with non-profits and social services to create socially-engaged theatre projects that provoke changes in society. Rehearsal for Reality supports other organizations in their work with vulnerable and excluded communities and raises awareness of social injustice. The organization works with Theatre of the Oppressed as the primary way or engaging communities in social change.