Kiss Me I’m a Drama Queen II: Queen in Quarantine

Event day: Sat 8.8.2020
2020-08-08 19:30
2020-08-08 22:00
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Friends Club&Bar, Bartolomějská 11, Praha 1
Organizer: Gizela Kova
Entry: 60 Kč
Come to Friends on Saturday night to enjoy the only comedy drag show of this year's Prague Pride.

Kiss Me I’m and Drama Queen II: Queen in Quarantine is a show full of drag, comic performances

performances, improvised and prepared stand-ups and lots of other fun situations. They are waiting for you two hours of great experiences. Gizela Kova, Dima Arrest and their guests will have fun.

The party is organized by Gizela Kova – drag queen, DJ, stand up artist, presenter and clown who can create a unique make up. In expensive life, her main interest is to have fun and make sure that she does everyone felt great. Her drag shows are unique, funny, full of energy and above all great fun.