Theatre of the Oppressed for Social Workers

Event day: Tue 4.8.2020
2020-08-04 18:00
2020-08-04 21:30
Watch physically
Pride Cinema, Kasárna Karlín – Filmový sál, Prvního pluku 20/2, Praha 8-Karlín
Organizer: Rehearsal for Reality
Entry: FREE

How can theatre-based techniques support LGBTQ+ activism and human rights work?  Come and find out!

This on-your-feet workshop will introduce social workers to the basic methods of Theatre of the Oppressed. This form of social justice theatre draws from personal stories and uses an arsenal of theatrical techniques to explore and challenge the oppressions people face. The workshop aims to empower the participants to try out solutions and strategies that they can take into their real life. Through theatre games and exercises, Image Theatre and “spect-acting” a short Forum Theatre scene, participants will explore ways how to address social injustices and try out real strategies for combating them collectively. The workshop ends with a short scene depicting workplace discrimination against a trans woman. Participants are invited to come on stage and try out their own strategies for overcoming injustice, in a safe and welcoming space.

The workshop is only in English. The recommended level of English skills is B1. If needed, Czech interpretation will be provided.

The event is facilitated by Laura Mentz Strakova, a skilled facilitator and actor with many years of experience in the field of applied theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed.

For participation, kindly register by filling this online form

The event is held by Rehearsal for Reality z.s., an organization collaborating with non-profits and social services to create socially-engaged theatre projects that provoke changes in society. Rehearsal for Reality supports other organizations in their work with vulnerable and excluded communities and raises awareness of social injustice. The organization works with Theatre of the Oppressed as the primary way or engaging communities in social change.