When Pride Is Life-threatening

Event day: Tue 4.8.2020
2020-08-04 17:00
2020-08-04 17:50
Pride Studio
Organizer: Prague Pride
Link: http://www.praguepride.cz/
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Event language: English

We in Prague know pride as a cheerful rainbow parade full of smiles and love. But this is not the case everywhere. Pilsen Pride regularly encounters a group of the Nazis who are trying to block the parade. Ostrava Pride had information last year that Polish extremists were getting ready to beat up their participants. And what about the situation of prides in Slovakia or Poland? Budapest Pride will take place this year, but what can you expect in the sharpening the hateful atmosphere of contemporary Hungary?

In the middle of all this are the pride organizers. They organize an event that has the ambition to change society, at the same time they are responsible for the lives of the participants.

Come and listen to the discussion of the pride organizers from the Visegrad Four countries about what it's like to be responsible for an event that might be life threatening. The discussion will take place online and you can send your questions to the discussion guests.


Lucie Arendacká, Klára Stolinská, Ostrava Pride

Alex Schneider, Košice Pride

Alicja Sienkiewicz, Lublin Pride

Viktoria Radvanyi, Budapest Pride

The discussion will be moderated by Bohdana Rambouskova, former Prague Pride PR Manager. 


Here you can watch the event online:

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