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We offer free and anonymous consultation for LGBT+ people and their loved ones. We focus on topics connected directly to the life of the LGBT+ people, such as coming out or gender identity, but you can also discuss with us the topics of minority stress, which are often related to the life of the LGBT+ people. Consultations are for people at least 18 years old and take place at the LGBT+ Community Center, Železná 18, Prague 1. 

Counseling for LGBT+ people and their loved ones

Every day we overcome obstacles and LGBT+ people often have more obstacles in their way than mainstream society. We are therefore opening a consultation platform that will allow not only to share feelings, but will also find adequate help for you. We provide this service for free and help not only LGBT+ people, but also their loved ones.

The consultation platform represents a safe and respectful environment without prejudices and judgments. It is anonymous and our staff maintain confidentiality. We are responding to the fact that LGBT+ people often have complicated access to the services because they encounter prejudice and rejection that mainstream society does not encounter.

You are not alone and you are not alone.


How does it work?

It is easy to apply for the consultation in the LGBT+ Community Center:

  1. First fill in this form, and let us know some basic information about you,
  2. then book an appointment (you will get the booking link when filling the form above).

Sessions take place every 14 days on Fridays between 2pm and 6pm. They are always individual and one consultation lasts 50 minutes. At the first meeting, we will conclude a consulting contract with you and ask you to comply with the framework and rules of the service (see the rules below). As this is not a long-term therapy service, the number of sessions is limited to four. But in special cases we can see each other more times. We also offer basic counseling in English in order to be able to extend the help to the range of foreigners living in the Czech Republic.


What do we offer?

We provide support for LGBT+ people and their loved ones. We cover a variety of topics, but in general we offer:

  • Relevant information
  • Facilitate contact with follow-up services 
  • Providing support in a crisis
  • A safe space for sharing and a non-judgemental environment


We do not provide: 

  • Individual/group therapy 
  • Professional psychological/psychiatric care 

Topics we can cover

We know what disadvantages LGBT+ people face, so we are dividing the topics into two areas. The first relates directly to the lives of LGBT+ people, the second focuses on the life situations that LGBT+ people can face due to their difference from mainstream society.


LGBT+ life

  • Internal and external coming out
  • Coming out of loved ones
  • Gender identity and expression
  • Relationships in the family and in the school environment
  • Partner relations
  • Safe sex (STD prevention, pregnancy issue)

Minority stress and high-risk situations

  • Mental health
  • Eating disorders
  • Domestic and partner violence
  • Sexual violence
  • Self harm
  • Problems at school
  • Prejudicial behavior of institutions

Our values

We want to create a safe space based on non-judgment and respect for individuality. We approach each person without prejudice while maintaining anonymity and confidentiality. We do not push clients into decisions, merely support them in their independence. We work in partnership with clients with the maximum possible degree of professionalism.

We also relate professionally to other team members and cooperating organizations. We are trying to create a thick network of partner services within which we can provide even greater support.

We realize that there are different social identities that overlap and thus create disadvantage on multiple levels. This creates new specifics of consultation work, but at the same time creates new ways to solve the given situation.

We approach our work with a self-evident respect for sexual, gender and relational diversity (GSDR). We are aware of the constant evolution in this field and we are willing to learn, listen and be a part of this constant, rich and enriching evolution of identities and human stories.


Rules of the LGBT+ Counseling Office

Like other counseling centers, we also have rules that need to be followed in order for our joint work to have results. Before signing up for a consultation, please read the rules list. Please note, that we do not provide financial assistance as part of the consultancy, and in the event of non-compliance with the rules, we reserve the right to withdraw from the consultancy contract and terminate the service. We also reserve the right to decide who is and is not the advice target group. As part of service development, we keep internal statistics and always try to act in favor of the client.

  • The consultations are free and you have the option to speak anonymously.
  • The date of the consultation is arranged in advance using the electronic form:
  • By coming to the Counseling Center, you are entering into an oral agreement on counseling assistance.
  • You can end the service at any time.
  • The standard length of an individual consultation is 50 minutes.
  • The counseling center can refuse or terminate counseling service if it is unable to help in the given issue, or if the topics do not relate to the focus of the work on the LGBT+ community. The consultancy will recommend a more suitable service.
  • The Counselling is for people at least 18 years of age.
  • If you are unable to attend a pre-arranged meeting, please let us know via email: daniela.vseteckova@praguperide.com
  • We do comply with the GDPR.










Prague Pride z. s. 

Rybná 716/24 
110 00 Praha 1 
Czech Republic

Reg. ID 22842730 

Registration in the Register of Association: Municipal Court in Prague, Section L, Insert No. 22311


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